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OHPE Bulletin 1, Volume 1997, No. 1

********* To the Ontario Health Promotion E-Mail list*********

May 2, 1997

Welcome to the Ontario Health Promotion E-Mail list bulletin.

A little delayed, but in your mailbox ontime. :-)

The weekly electronic Ontario Health Promotion E-Mail List/Bulletin is intended to provide a valuable, select information

exchange among Ontario community leaders, practitioners and researchers interested in health promotion. This list is being developed by the Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse in collaboration with the Centre for Health Promotion.

Each of our organizations receives notices about interesting conferences, new projects, health promotion issues, position postings, reports, and so forth. Rather than have everyone read everything, we thought this might be a bridge to the wealth of information without overloading personal time and 'space'.

Originally, we wanted to distribute information about our community mapping project. After compiling the addresses, the idea took hold that there might be broader use.


It is free, and open to anyone with an e-mail address interested in news, information and resources related to health promotion in Ontario. As of May 1, 1997 the list has 110 participants, following invitations to CLICK4HP [Health Promotion Online e-list] subscribers, and to health promoters with e-mail addresses on OPC or CHP mailing lists. To join or to leave this list simply send an e-mail to with your request. The group list is maintained at the Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse.


List members are invited to submit news, announcements, articles and resources for posting. This is a 'moderated' list - please send your items to or by Thursday at 5 pm . When contributing, please respect our goals of reducing overload and personal reading time. Provide a short, descriptive paragraph. Include URLs and email links whenever possible. Tell us about new web sites, new resources, events -- whatever you believe may advance community, family and individual health -- and your analysis of their importance in as few words as possible.

This is an experiment. We will monitor contributions and response. You define its' value, its' content, and its' reach. New

approaches and information sharing technologies emerge continually on the Internet. We invite your exploration of the possibilities.


We plan to be able to present the submitted materials in a weekly digest form with topic areas and references to additional

resources on the Internet and in print. The digest will go out on Friday afternoon or evening.


If you have any questions about the nature of this list, the materials and resources in it, participation and contributions - please call:

Alison Stirling at (800) 263-2846 ext 226 .

or write to

Please do not 'reply to all' using this message, as the OHPE group address will 'bounce back'.



The next two messages are part of Bulletin #1. they include:

1.1 a compilation of announcements from CLICK4HP and Health Promotion Resource Centres; and

1.2 a message from the Sexual Health Network of Ontario regarding provincial funding.