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OHPE Bulletin 34, Volume 1997, No. 34

It is a great pleasure to bring you this issue of the OHPE, as a happy holidays greeting and good news item. This week's feature is on Women's Health - largely due to the exciting developments of the Ontario Women's Health Network projects and the news and resources that have been shared, as you will see in the job posting below and the feature and resources. However, because of time pressures, the wealth of information is a little disjointed and edited to be brief. We look forward to more news in the near future as the Women's Health Resource Inventory and the regional networking projects become even more active.

Several new additions to the Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse's "What's New" page merit your consideration.

1. This Bulletin now has a home-page on OPC web-site! Find it, and links to the Archives and Contents listing at The OHPE Bulletin Homepages

The Ontario Health Promotion E-Mail Bulletin provides a valuable, select information exchange among Ontario community leaders, practitioners and researchers interested in health promotion. Back issues are now available on the OHPE homepage.

2. CLICK4HP Homepages

CLICK4HP Health Promotion e-mail discussion list is:

* an electronic venue for discussing how the Internet can be used for health promotion in Canada and around the globe;

* an electronic site for posting related health promotion information; and,

* a virtual workspace for health promoters to work together.

3. Community Action Plan for Children: Online Startup Guide

The Internet is a new world for many of these people. This online guide is meant to introduce you to that world and get you up and running online so you can ...

* Reach other child health people

* Share (or find) information that motivates people to act

* Attract support and enthusiasm for your issues

* Have a greater impact on child health issues in Canadian communities and beyond.


See you again January 2 1998 with a feature on The New Year - Downloading and More Changes/Impacts