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OHPE Bulletin 101, Volume 1999, No. 101

This week the OHPE bulletin feature and resources messages celebrate the 50th anniversary of OPHA. Happy Birthday OPHA! Celebrating Our Past: Building Our Future is the theme for the 50th Annual OPHA Conference co-hosted by Centre for Health Promotion (University of Toronto) and Toronto Public Health. Fifty years of history and the millennium milestone make this a perfect time to reflect on past and present achievements of Public Health as a basis for defining its future goals and strategies.The Call for Abstracts is now available with a submission deadline of May 14, 1999. For information call OPHA Conference Committee Secretary, Vanessa Tang, at 416-395-7653 or OPHA Conference Coordinator, Ana Almeida, at 416-367-3313 ext. 23. Online versions of the abstract submission form (including selection criteria and guidelines for submission) in English and French are also now available. You can print the abstract form directly from this site, complete the table and mail to the Conference Committee Secretary.