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OHPE Bulletin 103, Volume 1999, No. 103

Contents of OHPE Bulletin #103.2 Resources on Electronic Bulletins & Networking


A. Organizations/ Programs

B. Internet/ WWW Resources

1) The Shift - U of Alberta HP newsletter

2) Charity Village NewsWeek

3) NewScan daily email bulletin

4) ONE/Northwest Online Activist Toolkit

5) Free Email Services

C. Print Resources

1) From Workplace to Workspace

2) Working Together Online

3) Making the Net Work


Over the past two years, the OHPE Bulletin has, on several occasions, profiled the two collaborating organizations - Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse/ OPC and The Health Communication Unit at the Centre for Health Promotion. As well, some of the Ontario Health Promotion Resource Centres have had features, and several organizations making significant contributions to the health promotion field in the province. We invite features and resources from health promotion related organizations and individuals in this province and beyond.

There are many people and groups who have made the OHPE Bulletin work as an electronic news and features resource over the past two years. Our sincere thanks to Simon Mielniczuk, formerly of OPC, who moved to Web Networks in August 1998, for his inspirational vision, contributions, ideas, support and suggestions for improvements and change. Our appreciation to Deb Bang of the Consumer Health Information centre at St. Joseph


This is a special issue of the OHPE Bulletin - our second anniversary edition, and one that marks a number of changes that will take place with the OHPE Bulletin in the next two months.

On May 2, 1997, the first issue of the Bulletin was produced by Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse, in cooperation with the Centre for Health Promotion, and distributed to 110 initial subscribers. In that first issue, we said:

"This is an experiment. We will monitor contributions and response. You define its' value, its' content, and its' reach. New approaches and information sharing technologies emerge continually on the Internet. We invite your exploration of the possibilities. We plan to be able to present the submitted materials in a weekly digest form with topic areas and references to additional resources on the Internet and in print. The digest will go out on Friday afternoon or evening."

From that first issue, the OHPE Bulletin has come out weekly in three messages (occasionally four) with a format that quickly developed into news in the first message, feature in the second, and resources in the third. By September 1997, the first survey of the OHPE Bulletin went out to 223 readers, asking about the usefulness, distribution and effectiveness of the Bulletin. An enthusiastic response told us that the Bulletin was effective, shared with many others and that the 3 message format of the Bulletin should be continued. At that time, a weekly bulletin was supported by 53% of the respondents, with suggestions of a weekly bulletin or time-sensitive information, and bi-weekly features and resources, as length was an issue for many people.

We have continued to grow, with more than 765 subscribers now, including more than 90 people outside of Ontario and Canada. And we have changed: adding an Internet home-page (, Archives on the Internet, contents listings going out weekly, a stronger collaboration with The Health Communication Unit, and the move to having an OHPE editorial team, and Kara Richardson hired as the OHPE editor.

As the result of our most recent survey in late February 1999, that went out to 690 subscribers, we have learned that, while OHPE is still a very effective vehicle, that is greatly appreciated and widely distributed - it is time for a few more changes. The summary of the results are reported in our feature for this week, along with the highlights from some new changes to the OHPE Bulletin that you will see over the next few months. The most significant one will be the move to bi-weekly features and resources message, while continuing with the weekly announcements and jobs message.

Starting in May 1999, your OHPE Bulletin will look a little different - lighter, while still packed with the news and views that you have wanted. You will still receive the OHPE Bulletin every Friday with announcements, events and job postings. Every second week, there will also be a feature and a resources message - being the familiar three message format. This shift allows the editorial team, Kara and our wonderful feature writers, time to craft and refine the features and research the resources to ensure a high quality product for you. There are more announcements to come soon about our Internet accessible and searchable "database" of all of the past OHPE bulletins - opening up the wealth of resources and features to be available to all. Welcome to the third year of the Ontario Health Promotion Email Bulletin!

Alison Stirling, for the OHPE Editorial Team

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