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OHPE Bulletin 121, Volume 1999, No. 121

OHPE #121.1, by Maribeth Scott, is an analysis of the work of the Children Visiting Prisons organization in Kingston. Maribeth has been working with children and families for 15 years and is currently Supervisor of Outreach Programs at The Child Center, a rural resource center in Sharbot Lake, Ontario. The Resources section on Health Promotion and Prisons was compiled by the OHPE editor and Penney Kirby. The web-sites and many of the print resources list were compiled by Penney Kirby (, a librarian who specializes in Health Promotion database and Internet searching. Currently she is working at the Canadian Health Network and is a resource associate with The Health Communication Unit.

Our next OHPE feature (#123.1, September 17) will be contributed by Simon Mielniczuk, who will write on The Online Competition for Virtual Healthy Community.