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OHPE Bulletin 88, Volume 1999, No. 88

D. Next Week in OHPE

If all goes according to the plans that the editorial team laid in December, then next week's issue will be coordinated and developed by the Health Communication Unit, and will focus on violence prevention. If you have any submissions, contributions, news, announcements or opinions - please send them to Noelle Gadon, e-mail: before Thursday at 5 pm.


Amid all the snow and winds hitting southern Ontario this week, there has also been a flood of resources and announcements for the Ontario Health Promotion Bulletin - enabling us to get the whole thing out to you on time! Thanks to the Council for Tobacco-Free Ontario for the materials on Smoke-Free Workplaces for the feature this week, and to the Program Training and Consultation Centre for news about the Canadian Tobacco Research Initiative funding and their winter workshops - this week's issue will prepare you for National Non-Smoking Week January 18-24, and much more community action! Rachel Smith has chased down many resources to accompany the theme this week, which you will see in the next two messages.

Please note that the Ontario Health Promotion Calendar of Events has been updated to June 1999 and has an ever-growing listing of special weeks and months, of workshops, conferences and events. See it at If you would like to add an event to this listing - please send it to