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OHPE Bulletin 92, Volume 1999, No. 92

There are two big pieces of news related to the OHPE Bulletin:

1. We have more than 700 subscribers (705 to be exact, with comings and goings), and our 700th subscriber is Nancy Craig, Life Design Consulting, Stroud, Ontario. Of note, there are more than 65 subscribers from outside of Ontario - from across Canada and the world, with people from New Zealand, Australia, China, Sri Lanka, Poland, Ukraine, Brazil and the U.S.

2. We will sending out a survey about the OHPE Bulletin to the whole list in the middle of the week, hopefully on Wednesday February 17th. Please look for it and respond as soon as you can. The last time we did this survey to evaluate the format, content, frequency and accessibility of the OHPE Bulletin, was in September 1997, when there were only 205 subscribers. Your comments are vital to our making this Bulletin a useful resource.