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OHPE Bulletin 99, Volume 1999, No. 99

*** Please note that the following resources are additional readings and sites related to the broad topic of Organizational Development and Change, and are not necessarily linked to the preceding feature contained in OHPE #99.1. These resources were researched and compiled by Penney Kirby and Kara Richardson.

This week's issue is coming to you a day early due to the holidays.

NOTE: OHPE Bulletin #98, March 26th, appears to have had a problem in its distribution, and possibly some of the messages appeared to have "corrupted data". Rather than resending it, we suggest that interested readers either access the Archives on the Internet by going to:

OR contact the OHPE Inbox to request copies [OHPEbulletin at], which we will happily send. Here is a repeat of the contents of the Feature on Community Needs Assessments with Homeless Youth, and the Resources

OHPE Bulletin #98.1 March 26, 1999 - Feature on Community Assessment of Homeless Youth

(This feature is seven pages long, including 8 references.)




Psychological Barriers

Structural Barriers: Health; Educational: Economical; Political

Prioritization of Issues

How to Recruit Appropriate Stakeholders

Concluding Remarks

Contents of OHPE Bulletin #98.2- March 26, 1999 - Resources for Community and Needs Assessment of Youth

Resources that may complement or relate to the topic of homeless youth needs assessment can be found in two past OHPE bulletins: #61.2 Youth Health Promotion Resources and #74.2 Resources on Homelessness and Advocacy.

A. Organizations/ Programs

1) Raising the Roof

2) Street Kids International

B. Internet/ WWW Resources

1) Street Youth Online

2) Shout Clinic

3) United Way of Greater Toronto

4) TIPS for Working with Youth in Community Development Projects

5) Canadian Social Planning Network

6) The Canadian Council on Social Development

C. Other Resources

1) Books; 2) Articles; 3) Reports; 4) Video: Turning Away

Back to OHPE #99 - this week's feature is the fifth in a series of articles by Peter O'Donnell on the topic of creating healthy organizations. The previous articles appeared in issues #51.1 (4/24/98), #73.1 (9/25/98), #84.2 (12/11/98), and #92.1 (02/12/99).

The resources gathered by both Kara Richardson and Penney Kirby relate to the issues or organizational development and are complementary to Peter O'Donnell's article. Many thanks to Kara Richardson for pulling together this week's bulletin - look for her debut as the editor, producer and distributor for the OHPE bulletin next week, April 9th in time for the 100th issue. Appropriately, it will be focusing on "Best Practices in Health Promotion".