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OHPE Bulletin 150, Volume 2000, No. 150

Resources related to Theory and Practice


The editorial team of the OHPE Bulletin would like to dedicate this issue of the OHPE Bulletin, our 150th issue, to the memory of Karol Steinhouse, who died in a car accident on Wednesday March 29th, 2000. Karol has been a close friend, colleague, mentor and teacher to many people, and she is sorely missed. As a teacher and innovator in community social work at Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto, Karol Steinhouse inspired hundreds of students and community workers. Recently, she organized a 'charette' on community mobilization and city planning with multicultural, environmental, poverty action, equity and access, and community economic development leaders throughout the city for two day dynamic sessions with her students, and developing community mentor relationships. Her vision, vibrant energy and commitment to community change, linking beliefs, theories and practice for a healthy future - will be remembered by all.