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OHPE Bulletin 182, Volume 2000, No. 182

OHPE Bulletin #182.2 - Communities of Practice Resources 11/10/2000

The following resources were identified by Alison Stirling of OPC ( and Peter O'Donnell of Innovaction ( Please see this week's OHPE feature, #182.1 - "Learning Communities: Expanding the Boundaries of Learning" by Peter O'Donnell - for further resources.

This week's feature (OHPE #182.1) is the seventh in a series of articles that have appeared in the OHPE Bulletin in the last two years, written by Peter O'Donnell of Innovaction [email:]. In the first article in the series, Peter introduced a five-level developmental model of organizational health. Subsequent articles expanded on the initial overview, and elaborated each of the first four levels. All of these articles can be found online at In this week's OHPE feature, Peter turns his attention to the final level of development - the nurturing of learning communities.

The next OHPE feature and resources (November 24th) will be provided by Susan Himel and will be on the early learnings (rather than 'findings') of the Prevention Dividend Project.