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OHPE Bulletin 200, Volume 2001, No. 200

OHPE bulletin #200 March 23, 2001

The following resources were compiled by Jodi Thesenvitz in consultation with Tracy Prinzen

With this issue -- the 200th issue of the OHPE Bulletin -- we have much to celebrate! For the OHPE is so much more than a plain text weekly email newsletter that focuses on the activities, issues and work of health promotion in Ontario. This bulletin now has an international profile, a dynamic website, and a resource-rich database.

We have more than 1500 subscribers, and almost one third of you live outside of Ontario or outside of Canada.

A recent addition to the project is our new website ( with one-stop-shopping for all things OHPE. There is an easy to use subscription form, quick contact with our editor ( and the OHPE team (, and, of course, our searchable database of all issues with its subject matrix on the breadth of health promotion.

Two hundred issues represents twice as many days and thousands of hours of effort and collaboration from many contributors and the team in OHPE. Thanks to our editors past and present (Kara Richardson and Noelle Gadon respectively), OPC staff (Alison Stirling, Karin Davis and the invaluable OPC IT team!), THCU staff (Jodi Thesenvitz, Larry Hershfield, with past assistance from Lorraine Telford) and our website developers (originally Web Networks and now MetaStrategies).

We are especially pleased that the feature and resources for OHPE 200 focus on working with First Nations communities. OHPE would like to build more links with First Nations and it is a topic and concern that we have wanted to highlight. Thank you to Tracey Prinzen for sharing her experiences and to OHPE team member Jodi Thesenvitz for her editing and compilation of resources.

A last note is in regards to OPC -- our email system and website are back up and running! Recently, there have been a lot of changes for OPC (Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse) and for the organizations sharing the space and systems on the 19th floor at 180 Dundas Street West. It has meant that OPCs email server, website, and main telephone number have been affected or changed. I am pleased to say that OPC is back in action, moving into the new fiscal year with renewed energy and looking forward to working with you. Don't forget to note our new phone number (416-408-2249).

- Alison Stirling, OPC health promotion consultant