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OHPE Bulletin 205, Volume 2001, No. 205

First, my apologies for the slip(s) of the mouse that resulted in not just one, but two OHPE feature messages last week (with no subject header and peculiar formatting). To see a cleaner version of "Youth Action as a Tool for Youth Health Promotion" please go to

Alison Stirling has tracked down additional material on Global Youth Service Day (April 21). We've added it to last week's OHPE Bulletin 204.2 and you can visit to view these new resources.

Next week's feature (which will arrive only once!) has been written by Steve Shaffelburg and Hali Oliver, two Canadians working at Toi Te Ora Public Health in New Zealand. The article begins, "When health promoters at Toi Te Ora Public Health were looking for a way to revive a struggling health promoting school project, they pinned their hopes on a research technique called Photovoice. The results were dramatic. When the project was over, the school's attitude to health promoting schools had completely turned around. Teachers, students and trustees began working together to make their school environment a healthier one."

- Noelle Gadon,