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OHPE Bulletin 218, Volume 2001, No. 218

Next week our feature will be Boy - it's not easy being one:Promoting positive self-esteem with boys by Linda Millar, Director of Education, Concerned Children's Advertisers.

We would also like to draw your attention to an excellent resource related to last week's article by Colleen Logue on 'What Works in Nutrition Promotion. Documenting Nutrition Profiles'. The Review of Nutrition Interventions for Cancer Prevention by the Cancer Care Ontario Prevention Unit recommends best practices to support planning for food and nutrition interventions in the areas of programming, policy and media. The objectives of this review are to identify effective and promising nutrition interventions; to compile a compendium of interventions reviewed; and to make recommendations to the Prevention Unit at Cancer Care Ontario to inform future nutrition programming for the province. [from the executive summary at] The full report can be found at Apologies to all concerned for omitting this resource from last week's bulletin.

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