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OHPE Bulletin 223, Volume 2001, No. 223

This is an exciting week for the OHPE Bulletin! It is our last week of 'substituting' for editor Noelle Gadon who has been away for 6 weeks, and we are about to launch the OHPE Bulletin readership Survey!

Today in the feature there is the first in a series of articles written by graduate community nutrition student Sharon Kirkpatrick, based on presentations and sessions at the Ontario Health Promotion Summer School in June 2001. She writes about benchmarking as a tool for health promotion as explored by the Ontario Public Health Benchmarking Partnership.

Next Thursday, September 6th, look for the OHPE Bulletin Survey to appear in your email inbox, sent by Adam Spencer of Smaller World Communications email: . Hopefully, you should be able to 'reply' to the message with your filled in survey, or use the online version of the survey posted (next week!) at and on the OHPE Bulletin website at We urge you to take a little time to fill out this survey of the email Bulletin and of the OHPE Bulletin website.