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OHPE Bulletin 224, Volume 2001, No. 224

Welcome back to school and work! By now you should have received our OHPE bulletin evaluation survey. Please take the time to fill it out - we value your thoughts about the bulletin. The more responses we get, the better able we are to meet your needs. Remember, there are three ways to complete the survey:

1. Go to and fill out the survey electronically.

2. Hit the reply button and insert your responses into the questionnaire. We have found that this does not work for some email programs. If this is the case for you, please use options 1 or 3 or copy the survey text into a new email and send the email to

3. Print off a copy of the survey, fill it out and fax to Adam Spencer at (905) 771-7974.

If you have not received the survey or require any assistance with this survey, please call Adam Spencer at (905) 771- 8231 ext 204 or email or call Alison Stirling at 1-800-263-2846 ext 226.

Thanks for your help!