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OHPE Bulletin 239, Volume 2001, No. 239

In this, our last 2001 issue, we have a feature about National Non-Smoking Week and involving youth in anti-tobacco efforts.

And we will have a new web-host (Pacific Online) by the new year! The OHPE Bulletin website should look the same and will be easily accessible at But, as with every move, there may be a few problems and down-time. Please let us know if you have trouble reaching us or accessing the website (full contact information, including

telephone and fax, is at the end of this message).

We'll be back on January 4th, 2002 with a reflections on 2001 and some forecasts for OHPE and health promotion in the new year.

Have a joyful, happy, healthy holiday season!

-- Noelle Gadon (Editor), and editorial team members Jodi Thesenvitz (THCU) and Alison Stirling (OPC)