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OHPE Bulletin 240, Volume 2002, No. 240

i Year in Review

One of the goals of the OHPE is to reflect the variety and diversity that is health promotion in Ontario. To help us with this, we created what we fondly refer to as The Subject Matrix, which covers action areas, determinants of health, foundations of health promotion, generic strategies, priority populations, issues, and settings (for more information on the Subject Matrix, its origins and definitions, please visit the OHPE Database at And, at the end of every year we sit down and review all of the feature articles to see what we've covered and what we haven't.

ii 2001 Feature Articles

For those of you who joined us part way through the year, here's a complete list of articles from 2001. We would also like to extend a special thank you to all our feature writers -- the OHPE couldn't exist without this kind of support from the health promotion community.

Tobacco Action Plan for This Generation - NNSW 2002 and Youth Bulletin #239 - 21-Dec-01

Promoting Healthy Policy Decisions: Can the Focus be Improved? Bulletin #237 - 07-Dec-01

An Interdisciplinary Team Approach to Best Practices Development Bulletin #235 - 23-Nov-01

Taking Action on Alcohol-related Problems in the Workplace: Lessons Learned Bulletin #233 - 09-Nov-01

Three Ways to Plan a Web Site Bulletin #231 - 26-Oct-01

The Program Logic Model: What, Why and How? Bulletin #229 - 12-Oct-01

Make Your Workplace a Healthy Workplace! Bulletin #227 - 28-Sep-01

Hamilton Designer Drug Harm Reduction Action Group Bulletin #225 - 14-Sep-01

Benchmarking as a Tool for Public Health and Health Promotion Bulletin #223 - 31-Aug-01

Addressing Health Issues of the Homeless Bulletin #221 - 17-Aug-01

BOY - It's not easy being one... Bulletin #219 - 03-Aug-01

What Works in Nutrition Promotion? Documenting Nutrition Practice Profiles Bulletin #217 - 20-Jul-01

Men's Health: What's that all about? Bulletin #215 - 06-Jul-01

The YMCA Youth Gambling Project Bulletin #213 - 22-Jun-01

Searching for Violence Prevention Resources Bulletin #211 - 08-Jun-01

Smoke-free Homes Promotion Bulletin #209 - 25-May-01

Sharing News And Resources on Health Promotion & Public Health Bulletin #208 - 18-May-01

Photovoice: A Snapshot Of Health Bulletin #206 - 04-May-01

Youth Action as a Tool for Youth Health Promotion Bulletin #204 - 20-Apr-01

Using Email Bulletins to 'Import' Weekly News of Health and Human Services Bulletin #201 - 30-Mar-01

Building Bridges with the First Nations Community Bulletin #200 - 23-Mar-01

The Health Communication Material Production Process Bulletin #198 - 09-Mar-01

Helping Women Change Risk Behaviour. What Works? Bulletin #195 - 19-Feb-01

Public Service Announcements: How Can We Make Them Effective? Bulletin #193 - 02-Feb-01

Taking the Pulse of Your Organization: Maybe It's Time for an Organizational Health Check-up Bulletin #191 - 19-Jan-01

What about the Money? LETS, Charitable Giving, Investing and Income Bulletin #189 - 05-Jan-01

iii Finding the Articles You Need

There are many ways for readers to access past feature articles and other information on our website. You can

* select from a list of past bulletins by clicking on "Bulletin Index" on the menu bar across the top of the main webpage or by going to;

* select from a list of past feature articles, sorted chronologically, by clicking on "Features" on the menu bar across the top of the main webpage or by going to;

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* select from a list of job postings, events and/or announcements by clicking on "announcements" on the menu bar across the top of the main webpage or by going to; * search the database by selecting categories from the subject matrix explained at; or

* search by keyword at

iv Finding the Articles We Need: OHPE's Most Wanted

One of the most important functions of the year end review is to see what areas we haven't covered in-depth. From this, we develop a list of articles we would like to see in the coming year. For this year's list we have also incorporated your suggestions from the OHPE Survey.

* Cancer (e.g., linked to environment, biology and genetics, social support networks, or working conditions)

* Visible Minority (e.g., linked to income and social status, collaboration, research/ values and assumptions)

* Aging & Seniors (e.g., linked to health services/health reform)

* Income and Social Status (e.g., linked to a population of interest, strategy or setting)

* Healthy child development

* Mental health (e.g., in the workplace post traumatic stress disorders or stress management)

And here is our request of you, faithful readers: please let us know if you are interested in writing a feature article on any of the above topics, or have suggestions of your own. Our full submission guidelines are available from or