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OHPE Bulletin 254, Volume 2002, No. 254

First, here are a few corrections to last week's OHPE:

* The submission deadline for the Program Coordinator, Separated-Divorced Women, New Directions position has been changed to April 16.

* In the City of Toronto RFPs for Child and Family Poverty and Postpartum Depression, the contact number should have read (416) 397-4804. They apologize for any inconvenience caused.

You can view all the job postings from last week's OHPE at

This week we have a feature article on Preconception Health from

Best Start: Ontario's Maternal, Newborn and Early Child Development Resource Centre. They write "Most Canadians view pregnancy as a nine-month event ending in the birth of a healthy infant. Yet, it is known that a healthy birth is also dependant on the health of the couple prior to pregnancy." See OHPE 254.1 for the full article.

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