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OHPE Bulletin 256, Volume 2002, No. 256

Disclaimer: The list of resources is designed to provide a variety of perspectives on the topic of food biotechnology. The listing is not intended to be comprehensive and does not necessarily imply endorsement by the OPHA Food Biotechnology Workgroup.

This week we have a feature on Food Biotechnology prepared by the Ontario Public Health Association's Food Biotechnology Workgroup. They write "The number of transgenic crops planted by farmers worldwide has been increasing yearly since about 1995. Approximately 60 to 70% of processed foods on our grocery shelves presently contain ingredients from the 43 transgenic crops that are currently approved in Canada -- including canola, corn, soybeans, cottonseed oil, flax, potatoes, tomatoes and squash."

Next week Alison Stirling will write a piece in celebration of the OHPE Bulletin's fifth anniversary! Don't forget that all the information from the past five years is available in our searchable archive at

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