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OHPE Bulletin 262, Volume 2002, No. 262

This week's feature "Who Cares for the Caregiver" comes from Lise Tessier of the Ottawa Caregiver Support program, to mark next week's Caregiver week. She writes: "The growing population of older Canadians with greater life expectancy has increased the caregiving responsibilities of families, and decreased healthcare services, particularly at the community level, and have put an increased burden on the informal caregiver. The stress of caring for an elderly person in the home while juggling family and professional responsibilities can be intense...

[The caregiver supports] needs assessment reinforced the importance of offering health promotion programs in the community and the workplace to help caregivers maintain a healthy balance in their lives."

While the OHPE Bulletin editor, Noelle Gadon is away for much of the month of June, she has left the Bulletin with this week's issue almost all prepared in advance. It made light work for her 'stand-ins' from the editorial team. If you have any questions, ideas or concerns for the OHPE Bulletin editorial team - please contact us at or And don't forget to check out current events and jobs, past feature articles and our subscription management feature at