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OHPE Bulletin 268, Volume 2002, No. 268

1) This Week's Feature

This week's feature is contributed by Janice MacAulay of FRP Canada. In her article, "Tensions and Possibilities: Forging Better Links Between Family Resource Programs and Child Welfare," she writes "We believe that subtle but important change can be achieved at the community level if service providers, including family support and child welfare representatives, initiate respectful dialogue with each other and with community citizens to develop new and more positive ways of working together."

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2) Introducing "Letters to the Editor"

Last week we promised you detailed information on a new way to contribute to the OHPE Bulletin. And here it is...

One of the goals of the OHPE Bulletin is to reflect the diversity of health promotion in Ontario. However, the format of our bi-weekly features prevents us from

covering all angles and all possible resources.

Sometimes our readers write in to tell us what we've missed or to present an alternative point of view. So beginning this month, OHPE will have a regular Letters to

the Editor column in which we'll feature your feedback.

The next time you read one of our feature articles and think of a related resource, program or a point of view that you think our readers ought to know about, send us

a brief message at (And don't forget that if you have a lot to say, we welcome feature articles of 750 to 1000 words as well!)

While we can't guarantee that your letter will be featured we do promise that all our correspondents will be asked for permission before we use their letters.

We look forward to hearing from you...

For our full submission guidelines, visit

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3) Extended Job Posting Deadline

Toronto Public Health has asked us to note that the deadline for their Health Promotion Consultant, Healthy Pregnancy & Child Development job posting has been extended to July 26, 2002. To see the job posting visit