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OHPE Bulletin 269, Volume 2002, No. 269

Last week we introduced our new section, Letters to the Editor, in which we publish reader feedback.

This week we're pleased to present our first column: OHPE 269.1. It features two letters responding to a February 2002 article, "Ana & Mia: The Online World of Anorexia and Bulimia."

We also received a note from Dia Mamatis, Health Promotion Consultant with Family Abuse Prevention Project, Planning & Policy, Toronto Public Health, who writes to us about last week's feature, "Forging Better Links Between Family Resource Programs and Child Welfare":

"This is an excellent & timely bulletin for those of us working on Early Child Development Family Abuse Prevention Projects. Thank you!

"Another resource you might want to add to the list is "Promoting Family Wellness & Preventing Child Maltreatment: Fundamentals for Thinking & Action" Eds. Isaac Prilleltensky, Geoffrey Nelson, & Leslea Peirson. 2001 (hot off the U of T Press)."

Our new and improved submission guidelines -- for all our sections -- are available at

St. Michael's Hospital has asked us to note an extended application deadline for the position of Sports/Recreation Evaluation Coordinator. The posting can be viewed at and is now open until August 9, 2002.

As always, questions, comments and concerns can be sent to