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OHPE Bulletin 270, Volume 2002, No. 270

In this issue we launch a new format for our job postings: the email version of the newsletter will include the title, organization, location, deadline and a brief description with a link to the full posting on our website. This approach is inspired in part by the feedback from our evaluation last September and in part by the thirteen postings we received this week!

Let us know what you think of the change by emailing

This week's feature, "Health Literacy and Health Promotion," is submitted by Irv Rootman. His introduction notes "Although the term "health literacy" was first used in health education about thirty years ago (Ratzan, 2001), it has only recently been proposed as an important concept in health promotion as a whole (Nutbeam, 2000; Kickbusch, 2001). There is, however, a debate starting regarding whether or not it should be redefined for use in this context (Tones, 2002)."

Don't forget that we now publish a Letters to the Editor column featuring your feedback on our articles. If you have a resource or point of view to add to Dr. Rootman's article, let us know by writing to A full introduction to this new section is in the OHPE News of 268.0 and can be viewed on our website at

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