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OHPE Bulletin 272, Volume 2002, No. 272

This week's feature is "Building Support Networks for Isolated Seniors," written by Myriam Jamault and Ann Nowak of the City of Ottawa's Community Action for Isolated Seniors Program. In this introduction to their program they write, "Isolated seniors are a vulnerable, hard to reach group. With a growing aging population and the current climate of overwhelmed health and community services, the challenge is to assist these older adults to continue independent living in the community." Read their full article in OHPE 272.1.

This will be our last feature until September 6. But don't forget that we now publish a Letters to the Editor column featuring your feedback on our articles. If you have a resource or point of view to add to this article, let us know by writing to A full introduction to this new section is in the OHPE News of 268.0 and can be viewed on our website at

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