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OHPE Bulletin 274, Volume 2002, No. 274

Our regular bulletin editor Noelle is on vacation this week so the bulletin is coming to you care of the OHPE's Assistant Editor for the summer. Today is actually my last day working with the OHPE editorial team, so I have requested the privilege of assembling this, my final bulletin, and the chance to share some brief reflections on my experiences over the past 10 weeks.

This summer has been an exciting one for the OHPE. Our subscription list has swelled from under 2200 subscribers on my first day of work at the end of June, to over 2300. I just subscribed my home address and brought the current total to 2311! Furthermore, there is incredible diversity of backgrounds among our subscribers, ranging from public health practitioners to technological consultants, making my own discipline of study, medical anthropology, seem right at home in the field of health promotion. This breadth of reader experiences truly enriches our bulletin. These past two months have featured articles on topics as diverse as isolated seniors, child welfare, capacity building, raves and health literacy, and in the next few months will include youth recreation, multicultural health, and aboriginal perspectives on sexual health issues. But the bulletin can only continue to provide this diversity of topics through submissions of features, resources and announcements by our readers. We always welcome submissions and we look forward to reading your feedback. Please stay in touch, letting OHPE know what feature topics you would like to see (or even better, write about), informing us of resources we overlooked, or commenting on the structure of the bulletin and our online database. Please send your thoughts and submissions to

Thank you for the wonderful experiences this summer,

Sandra Kendal