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OHPE Bulletin 277, Volume 2002, No. 277

Last week we received a few queries from people having trouble with the links to our full job postings. Because the URLs for our database entries are long, they wrap over two or more lines. Email readers will only hyperlink the first part of the line, creating a faulty URL. You can either cut and past the complete address from the email (check to see if an extra space has been inserted where the link breaks) or visit the current job postings on our website at (choose to display "Job Postings"). And let us know if you continue to have trouble by emailing

We have also heard from some people who receive their OHPE Bulletin with font and style codes scattered through it. If your bulletin looks funny please let us know because it's not supposed to! Just send us a copy with a note explaining which email reader you use to

This week's feature, "Smoking in the Home When the Home is Also a Workplace," is contributed by Josie d'Avernas. She writes "Controls on second-hand smoke-exposure in home environments...have been left entirely to persuasive messaging for voluntary changes -- urging smokers to "take it outside." Why the difference in approach? And what about smoking restrictions in home environments when the home is also a workplace? Should we pursue a legislative agenda? Should we treat these spaces like a home or like a workplace?" Read her discussion of this issue in OHPE 277.1.

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