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OHPE Bulletin 279, Volume 2002, No. 279

This week our feature article is "Finding Our Way: Sexual and Reproductive Health for Aboriginal Communities." Dianne Kinnon and Susan Swanson are researchers and writers based in Ottawa and have contributed this piece on behalf of the Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada. In their introduction they write, "many Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities and organizations have developed innovative approaches to the sexual and reproductive health issues of concern in their communities. Clearly, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal service providers have materials and expertise to share, and the desire to develop services which are more effective and culturally appropriate....This article is based on the collective knowledge and experience which was shared with the authors as they researched and wrote "Finding Our Way: A Sexual and Reproductive Health Sourcebook for Aboriginal Communities." Our resource message, OHPE 272.2, profiles organizations and print and electronic resources drawn from this sourcebook.

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