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OHPE Bulletin 287, Volume 2002, No. 287

There has already been a wide variety of responses to the final report by the Romanow Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada. Barbara Anello, of DisAbled Women's Network Ontario, has compiled a comprehensive list of links at By Friday afternoon, there were 26 organizations represented, including Canadian Council on Social Development, Ontario Health Coalition, Ontario Coalition of Senior Citizens' Organizations, and the Canadian Health Coalition. Thank you, Barbara, for bringing all of this together.

This week, were are delighted to present a feature article on work stress. This is a translation of a an article by Christiane Fontaine, editor of our affiliated e-bulletin, Le Bloc-Notes, and it was originally published in July 2002 as "Travailleur serait-il de plus en plus stressant?" We think that the topic of work stress is very appropriate for health promotion practitioners. Both in the front-lines and as knowledge workers, we are confronted with stressful situations, co-workers and clients under stress, and organizations struggling to meet competing demands. As employers and employees, advisors and practitioners, we need to be as informed and prepared as possible to respond to stress constructively.

If you have a resource or point of view to add to this article, let us know by writing to More information on our Letters to the Editor column can be found in the OHPE News section of OHPE 268.0 ( ViewAnnouncements.cfm?ISSUE_ID=268&startrow=1).