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OHPE Bulletin 296, Volume 2003, No. 296

The following resources were provided by Gillian Kranias, writer of OHPE 296.1, "Self-Help Groups: Moving from Professional Leadership to Mutual Support."

This week's feature, "Self-Help Groups: Moving From Professional Leadership to Mutual Support," is contributed by Gillian Kranias of the Self-Help Resource Centre and is based on the workshop of the same name.

Several people reported problems with the URLs for our job postings. Because the URLs for our database entries are long, they wrap over two or more lines. Email software will often only hyperlink the first part of the line, creating a faulty URL. You can either cut and paste the complete address from the email (check to see if an extra space has been inserted where the line breaks; the address should end with CURRENT) or visit the full job posting on our website at (choose to display "Job Postings"). This explanation can also be seen at the beginning of the job postings section of this email.