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OHPE Bulletin 300, Volume 2003, No. 300

Three hundred issues of the OHPE Bulletin!

And we're proud that the OHPE Bulletin is reader-driven, with a wealth of submissions of news, events, jobs and feature articles sent by you, our readers. This newsletter is a reflection, not just of the editorial team, but of the true breadth of health promotion in Ontario.

Our first issue in May 1997 offered editorials on hospital restructuring and sexual health programs. In our 100th issue, the first to appear on our new website, the feature article discussed the initiative to document and frame best practices in health promotion. Two years later, we celebrated our 200th issue with a personal story of building bridges with First Nations community.

Today, in OHPE 300.1, we have an article submitted by Gary Direnfeld of the "I Promise Program" on injury prevention and teen drivers. He writes, "Developed with the input of thousands of stakeholders in traffic safety world wide, the I Promise Program consists of a robust parent-youth mutual safe-driving contract and a rear window decal that displays a toll-free number and asks the question, 'Am I Driving Safely?'....To date, only one driver report has been taken by the I Promise Program call center. The report read, "Perfect driving." Don't forget that you can write to if you have a point of view or resource to add to Gary's


Inside the OHPE editorial committee, we also have personal reasons to celebrate -- editor Noelle Gadon's birthday today!-- and to reflect. Both Noelle and Alison have recently returned from travelling overseas, to places that have been going through conflict and change--Northern Ireland and South Africa. My experience of visiting a country experiencing extremes of health challenges, as South Africa does, showed me how keenly the determinants of health are understood at all levels of that society. With infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and cholera and a lack of clinical services and staff dominating the health agenda, it was a welcome surprise to see the high profile of health promotion and education. Debates about effective communication approaches and participatory health promotion are echoes of our forums in Canada. It's a reminder that we need to keep our minds and communication channels open for new perspectives.

The OHPE Bulletin strives to offer such a venue for ideas about, reflection on and celebration of health promotion in Ontario. Send us your submissions, opinions, comments and resource suggestions. Just write to

- Alison Stirling,