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OHPE Bulletin 310, Volume 2003, No. 310

Many of the print and Internet resources have been taken from the extensive literature review and bibliography by Ernest Jodoin, Hamilton District Health Council, in the appendices of the report "Overview of Dental Health Services for Special Needs Groups," November 2002.

This week's feature on oral health is a compilation of information from two reports: Review of Dental and Oral Health Needs of Special Populations in Hamilton (Ernest Jodoin, Hamilton District Health Council) and Who has Access? A report of the Toronto Dental Coalition (Lorraine Purdon, Toronto Oral Health Coalition). In the introduction, it is noted that "dental care stands outside Canada's publicly-funded health services, and people who are unemployed or underemployed often do not have insurance coverage for dental services. Community-based agencies that work with these populations and have set up dental clinics face great difficulties sustaining their programs. Similarly, hospital-based dental services are very limited for special needs people."

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