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OHPE Bulletin 334, Volume 2003, No. 334

Today is Jodi Thesenvitz's last day with the OHPE before she goes on maternity leave. The shrinking editorial team is, as appropriate on Halloween, a little scared. We will deeply miss Jodi's guidance, advice, energy and extensive capabilities in editing, communication and analysis. After her three years with OHPE Bulletin, Jodi leaves a legacy in the high-quality feature articles that she has nurtured and sought out, in the wealth of resources she researched and annotated and in the increased presence of OHPE in the health promotion community in Ontario and beyond.

We wish Jodi and Mark all the best in the coming months and look forward to her return in the spring.

And then there were three: Alison Stirling continues as team leader, Larry Hershfield as team advisor and Noelle Gadon remains weekly editor, as well as becoming the feature article editor in Jodi's place.

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Kim Bergeron contributes this week's feature article, "A Leadership Framework for Management in Public Health." She writes, "Providing leadership is about discovering what you care about and value, what inspires you in your everyday environment, what encourages you to move forward and how what you "do" has an effect on others."

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