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OHPE Bulletin 348, Volume 2004, No. 348

This week's feature is on the Citizen Participation Partnership Project, by John Church and colleagues. In their introduction they write, "Citizen participation has been viewed as an important part of a healthy democracy for over two thousand years. More recently, governments have taken a renewed interest in citizen participation as a way of involving citizens and communities in decisions about their health and the future of the health-care system."

In addition to the resources in OHPE 348.2, more resources related to this project will be appearing on their project website and on the Centre for Health Promotion Studies' site later in February; watch this space in future OHPE Bulletins for updates on where to find a related project bibliography and audio and visual presentation materials!

This article is part of a series inspired by CPHA's 2003 conference. For more information, read our introduction to the series in the OHPE News and Summary section of OHPE 344.0 (

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