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OHPE Bulletin 350, Volume 2004, No. 350

Please note that our list of educational opportunities is not comprehensive. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to include all the programs that would be useful for health promoters; OHPE simply doesn't have the resources to be comprehensive for a field this diverse.

As a follow up, please read our Letters to the Editors columns for February (

and March ( in which we publish additional resources and points of view from OHPE readers.

Here are two quick corrections to job postings from last week's issue:

* the Health Educator job posting from Toronto Public Health is temporary, not salaried ( =CURRENT)

* the deadline for the Bilingual Workplace Health and Wellness Specialist, Connex Health Consulting, is March 5 ( =CURRENT)

This week's feature is a discussion of and resource for health promotion education and training. Kevin Churchill and Alison Stirling collaborated on this article. In the introduction, they ask, "So how can we "learn" health promotion? What are the skills needed? Can anyone practice health promotion? Where do we learn how to become health promoters? The answers may be as diverse as the individuals that practice health promotion."

If you have a resource or point of view to add to this article, let us know by writing to More information on our Letters to the Editor column can be found in our submission guidelines ( In particular, we are interested in adding to our list of Canadian undergraduate, graduate and summer school programs profiled in OHPE 350.2.