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OHPE Bulletin 367, Volume 2004, No. 367

Please note that due to the July 1 holiday, next week's issue will appear on Wednesday and submissions for that issue are due by Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.

We don't have a Letter's column this week but we wanted to point to some more election resources featured in June 2004 CLICK4HP posts, particularly the messages "Preparing for the elections - political parties responses to questions from national groups," and "Canadian Breast Cancer Network Makes the Financial Cost of Having Breast Cancer an Election Issue in Canada." To read these posts, please visit the CLICK4HP archives at

This week, Lise Smedmor contributes a feature article on Cancer Care Ontario's *Take 5: 5-10 a day...your way* Vegetable and Fruit Behaviour Change Intervention. In her introduction she writes "Scientific evidence points to increased vegetable and fruit consumption as an important factor in the prevention of a number of chronic diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. In line with the Cancer Care Ontario mandate of providing leadership across all areas of the cancer system, an effective, population-based approach to increase the number of people consuming 5 to 10 servings of vegetables and fruit was needed."

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