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OHPE Bulletin 380, Volume 2004, No. 380

This week's feature, "Self-Help/Peer-Support Strategies in Maternal, Newborn, and Family Health Promotion, " is from Niki Deller, Information Coordinator, Best Start Resource Centre and Gillian Kranias, OSHNET Coordinator, Self-Help Resource Centre, based on their current joint initiative, Self-Help/Peer-Support Strategies in Maternal, Newborn, and Family Health Promotion. In their introduction, they write, "There has been increasing attention in research, community, and public health settings on the importance of peer-support/self-help strategies for health promotion during periods of life change or transition, including the pre/postnatal and parenting periods. In response, self-help/peer-support programs for the pre/postnatal and parenting periods continue to proliferate in community and public health settings."

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