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OHPE Bulletin 394, Volume 2005, No. 394

Greetings to all the students, and other new readers, who are joining the OHPE readership in 2005! Don't forget that there is a wealth of information on the OHPE site as well: visit and learn how to search and browse our database of health promotion information.

Last week in OHPE 393,1 (, we offered some links to resources and information related to the December 26, 1004, earthquake and tsunami. One new link is the CMHA's news release, "Impact of Asian tsunami hits Canada as many cope with grief, uncertainty," which can be found on their website at .

If you have a link you wish to add to the list, please email and we will consider including it in the OHPE News and Summary section of coming issues. We are particularly interested in links with connections to health promotion or with which readers have personal experience.