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OHPE Bulletin 398, Volume 2005, No. 398

Last week, we posted an incorrect email address for contacting the YMCA of Oakville and the Halton Active Living Network regarding their RFP. The correct submission address is and RFP details can be found at

712).pdf. Due to this error, the deadline has been extended to February 14, 2005. To view the corrected OHPE posting, visit.

Please note that because the URLs for our database entries are long, they wrap over two or more lines. Email reading software will often hyperlink only the first part of the line, creating a faulty URL. You can either cut and past the complete address from the email (check to see if an extra space has been inserted where the link breaks; the address should end with CURRENT) or visit the full job postings on our website at (choose to display "Job Postings").