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OHPE Bulletin 403, Volume 2005, No. 403

This week we have a feature on Health Promotion 101, an online course developed by the Ontario Health Promotion Resource System. In the introduction Robyn Kalda writes, "OHPRS surveys and needs assessments have repeatedly told us that regardless of their job descriptions most health promoters report a need for additional professional development. There seemed to be a particular need for materials to help articulate and clarify health promotion concepts. To help fill this apparent gap, the OHPRS developed the "Health Promotion 101" online course as a collaborative effort between our 22 member organizations."

We also continue with our new way of presenting job postings. Below, you will see the job title, organization, location, and deadline with a link to the full posting on our website. By shortening the job posting content, we will be able to include more events and announcements. An online version of each week's issue, including the complete text of job postings, is also available at

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