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1 June 2007 - OHPE Bulletin 517, Volume 2007, No. 517

As most health promotion practitioners know, tobacco use is the largest preventable cause of death and disease in Ontario. This week's feature celebrates the first anniversary of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

From previous week's features, we would like to note the following corrections:

* Ontario Injury Prevention Conference 2007, the feature for our May 25 issue (, was authored by Pat Cliche, Northern Injury Prevention Practitioners Coordinator, OIPRC, and Kristina Baraskewich, Firedog Communications.

* Our May 4 feature article, Community Site Visits--An Innovative Conference Structure to Bring Research to Life ( incorrectly switched around one of the key organizations name. It should be Community-Campus Partnerships for Health, and our apologies for the confusion!

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