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23 January 2009 - OHPE Bulletin 600, Volume 2009, No. 600

Welcome to the 600th edition of the Ontario Health Promotion Email (OHPE) bulletin. Our last two issues fittingly included reflections looking backward and forward from the world of health promotion – both from individuals and organizations.

For our 500th issue we offered readers a chance to relay their unique experiences with the OHPE bulletin and were encouraged by the responses we received (
). In issue 400 past and present team members reflected on 400 issues worth of work, including related resources (
). We were a little quieter about number 300, but marked it with an announcement and short summary of the 100-milestone dates that preceded it (
). In issue 200 we celebrated an international profile, a dynamic website, and a resource-rich database as we continue to do
). Our 100th issue was marked by a feature article and resources on best practices in health promotion (

With over 5,000 subscribers from across Ontario and beyond, the OHPE bulletin continues to provide a venue for anyone interested in health promotion to find or share thoughtful and relevant information.