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29 May 2009 - OHPE Bulletin 618, Volume 2009, No. 618

OHPE regretfully announces that there will be no OHPE issue next Friday, June 5th. As with many other organizations, we have had to make a few cut backs and have reduced the number of issues this fiscal year to 46 from 50. In addition to our annual December/January two-week break, the following Fridays will not have new issues appearing: July 3, July 31, and September 4. Look for some really informative newsletters the week after as we catch up on submissions!

This week's feature article is contributed by Bonita Heath, a health promoter and PhD student in the Critical Disability Studies Program at York University, and Steve Mantis, an injured worker who has been active in law reform and social change in occupational health and safety and workers compensation for 30 years. In their introduction, they write, "June 1 is Injured Workers Day. And for the first time in many years, anti-poverty activists see some hope with the passage of Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Act earlier this month. What do these two statements have to do with one another? Injured workers are an often overlooked, but vital part of the picture of poverty in Ontario."

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