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12 June 2009 - OHPE Bulletin 619, Volume 2009, No. 619

This week we switched the software that we used to produce OHPE, so please forgive us if you find any glitches (and feel free to tell us about them, too!).

The new system comes with features that we think will make the Bulletin more beneficial to you:

* No more long URLs! Since the new, short URLs won't wrap onto a second line, many fewer people should have trouble with them.

* Better search! Search on the new site is much more reliable.

* Search by date and/or section! On the website you can search by keyword or subject as you could before, but now you can also search by date or by OHPE section (Events, Features, Job Postings, etc.).

We regret to report that will need to discontinue our full-text version of OHPE as our new system makes it difficult to produce. We send our apologies to our 28 full-text subscribers via their new place on the list of html newsletter subscribers. We hope that with the new short URLs making life easier, you'll be happy in the company of our 5000+ subscribers on this main list.

As noted above, please let us know what you think; write to with your comments and watch the site for even more improvements coming over the next weeks.