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24 September 2010 - OHPE Bulletin 678, Volume 2010, No. 678

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For our October 1 issue, we are planning a round up of election links of interest to Ontario health promoters. If you know of online sites, resources or events that you think will be useful to our readers, please email us at!

Our feature article this week is by Amanda Sheedy, national coordinator of the People’s Food Policy Project. In her introduction she writes, "This feature explores the overlapping schools of thought that inform the PFPP including food sovereignty, citizen engagement and health promotion ... [and] ... explores potential roles for health promoters in supporting the food movement and the PFPP more specifically..."

We always welcome your feedback on our feature articles--including topics you'd like to see--news about old colleagues and new colleagues, and comments on our newsletter and searchable database of health promotion information. Read our complete submission guidelines at and write to