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11 March 2011 - OHPE Bulletin 700, Volume 2011, No. 700

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Welcome, subscribers, to our 700th issue of the Ontario Health Promotion E-Bulletin!

In 2003, in celebration of OHPE's 400th issue, I wrote "I would personally like to thank all of our contributors, writers, and subscribers. When I meet readers in person, they often say 'N. Gadon? You send me an email every Friday!' It seems that our readers feel a personal connection with us, and to me this means that the OHPE is doing its job."

Now, in 2011, I would like to thank again our always growing community of contributors, writers, and readers. Despite my personal move from full-time work and part-time school to full-time graduate school and part-time work with the bulletin, I still meet health promotion practitioners who recognize N-Dot-Gadon! More importantly, despite all the changes in our world and work, I still meet people who look forward to the OHPE every week and value our contribution to connecting health promoters in Ontario and across the globe.

Below, Alison Stirling, originator of our weekly newsletter, lets us know what she's thinking--700 issues and nearly 14 years since the OHPE's first appearance in your in-boxes.

-- Noelle (

700--seven hundred weekly e-bulletin issues feel like an enormous number! It is 14 years, 165 months, more than 12,000 entries in the OHPE web-database (news, jobs, features, resources) and a growth from an initial 110 subscribers in May 1997 to 6130 subscribers today. The numbers do not tell the story of what has made the Ontario Health Promotion Email Bulletin come together, grow, change and what it is today. It is the people and the partnership behind OHPE that I want to celebrate.

When the OHPE Bulletin started in early 1997, there was no long-term plan, only a desire to offer an electronic bridge to the wealth of health promotion information. Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse (now Health Nexus) together with The Health Communication Unit at the Centre for Health Promotion sent out the first issue, saying:

"This is an experiment. You define its value, its content, and its reach. New approaches and information sharing technologies emerge continually on the Internet. We invite your exploration of the possibilities."(

The "experiment" has succeeded, thanks to all who have contributed and to the editorial team who have supported OHPE as volunteers and staff. I raise a congratulatory toast to:
* Noelle Gadon, our one-day/week editor who was involved from the start as a THCU editorial team member;

* Our feature editors, Stephanie Lawrence, previously Rebecca Byers, Karly Holmes and Bonnie Heath, who have coordinated features and resources for more than five years.

* Jodi Thesenvitz, Larry Hershfield and other THCU staff guiding the editorial team in planning, evaluation, promotion/communications and so much more;

* And thanks to Robyn Kalda at Health Nexus /OPC who has led the tech infrastructure, the vision, and day-to-day operations for OHPE.

We are at a turning point for OHPE. The 14 year partnership will change as THCU products and services are provided by the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion (OAHPP) as of April 1, 2011. OAHPP’s Communications Unit will become the new partner with Health Nexus to produce the bulletin. We’ll keep everyone posted as we evolve.

-- Alison Stirling, Health Nexus.

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