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30 September 2011 - OHPE Bulletin 725, Volume 2011, No. 725

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In last week's issue, we featured a Letter from the Editors with a collection of links related to the upcoming Ontario provincial election; the list has been updated with suggestions from readers and can be found at

In this week's issue, our feature combines two articles, both based on newly released The Health Communication Unit (THCU) Infopacks: Health Communication Outcomes: At the Heart of Good Outcome Objectives and Indicators (by Sophie Rosa) and Priority Setting: A Systematic Approach to Making Health Promotion Program Choices (by Susan Snelling).

There will be no newsletter next week due to the holiday weekend. We'll be back on October 14!

We always welcome your feedback on all of our feature articles--including topics you'd like to see--news about old colleagues and new colleagues, and comments on our newsletter and searchable database of health promotion information. Read our complete submission guidelines at and write to