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29 November 2013 - OHPE Bulletin 822, Volume 2013, No. 822

In this week's feature, National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools introduces us to their series of videos that demystify statistics. Learn about odds ratios, confidence intervals, forest plots and clinical significance, each described in plain language with realistic public health examples and engaging visuals.

As mentioned last week we are looking for your input: social media has changed so much about how we communicate. It provides opportunities for sharing that were once unthinkable and allows conversations that never could have taken place ten years ago. It has also permitted Canadians access to an unprecedented amount of information of varying degrees of validity and importance.

So how has social media changed how Canadians get, give and share information about what affects our health?

The Ontario Health Promotion Email Bulletin will be publishing a compilation of responses to this question from Canadians who have an interest in the broad social determinants of health and social media. One of which we hope will be you.

We welcome your insightful and brief responses between 140 characters and 250 words. Please send them to by December 20, 2013 and we invite you to share this request as widely as possible.