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4 July 2014 - OHPE Bulletin 848, Volume 2014, No. 848

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As you are no doubt aware, Canada’s new anti-spam legislation came into effect July 1st, 2014. This new legislation will prevent organizations from sending commercial messages to non-consenting recipients with the intention of curbing unsolicited texts, emails and other forms of electronic messages.

Since OHPE is non-commercial and its list is based on a self-subscribe process, where consent is attained by signing up via our website (, the law does not appear to apply to emails sent by us. However, out of caution, we would like to remind all members that if you would like to unsubscribe or subscribe to the newsletter at any time, please do so by following the link above or by writing to

To learn more about the anti-spam legislation please follow this link: (And thank you to OWHN-L for allowing us to adapt their explanation of this change!)

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