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31 October 2014 - OHPE Bulletin 863, Volume 2014, No. 863

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For the last edition of the Ontario Health Promotion E-Bulletin of 2014, we will be running an article looking at what happened in health promotion over the past year and what is on the horizon for the coming year. The article will be a collection of short submissions from health promoters across the country.

We are looking for reflections on significant developments over the past year in health promotion / public health in Ontario, across the country or internationally (could be positive or negative) as well as what you anticipate for the sector in the coming year.

Your contribution could deal with any aspect of the broad social determinants of health or public health, e.g., programs, policies, human resource, economic issues etc., and it need only be a few paragraphs. If you are interested please submit your contribution by Friday November 21, 2014 to All submissions welcome!

For your reference, the year in review pieces from 2012 can be viewed online at and (last year we ran a special reflections series on 10 years after SARS).

You can always send us notices on new jobs, new projects, and other changes in your health promotion lives for our occasional News from the Field announcements.

Read our complete submission guidelines at and write to