Ontario Health Promotion E-Bulletin, OHPE Bulletin 355, Volume 2004, No. 355


Here are two corrections to previous issues:
* the Beyond Silent Spring conference, from OHPE 353.0, will be held May 1 (not May 4). See the corrected posting at http://www.ohpe.ca/ebulletin/Event.cfm?ID=992&ROWNUMBER=11&Sort=Events&TIME=CURR ENT.
* Cracks in the Foundations, a new report noted in OHPE 354.0, was authored by the City of Toronto, Community and Neighbourhood Services, not the Toronto Neighbourhood Centres as originally noted. See the revised announcement at http://www.ohpe.ca/ebulletin/Announcement.cfm?ID=828&ROWNUMBER=1&Sort=Announcement s&TIME=CURRENT.

This week, in OHPE 355.1, we bring you some comings and goings, some additions to our ongoing investigation of health promotion training and education opportunities, and a pointer to a recent CLICK4HP discussion on oral health services.

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